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Pickle Man Games is a place to find family friendly games of all kinds. Play our latest release below or click on "Learn More" to see some of the other projects we are working on, learn how you can contribute, or give us feedback.

About us

My name is Jonathan Towry, I am the sole creator of the games on this site. Hoverever I gain alot of insparation for what I create from my two sons, Brennan and Logan. They were the insparation for this project. I want to create games that I feel confortable with them playing and at the same time games that are enjoyable for any age to enjoy. In fact the idea for Super Pickle Man came form the mind of Logan. I will continue to develop the ideas that I have shared on this site, the games are offered to play for free from the web. For now they will exsist soley on the internet as HTML5 games.

The Games

Pickle Man Infinite

Can you get the high score?

Super Pickle Man

Help Super Pickle Man save his pickle friends and family!

Rescue Team Alpha:Asteroid Danger!

You are part of a team of rescuers on a mission to keep the solar system safe!

Caution Sign Guy

You are that poor guy traped the caution signs we see every day. Learn what it's like to be him!

Max and the Wall of Secrets

Join Max as he goes on the adventure of a lifetime to discover the secret of the giant wall that has protected his people for generations.

More info soon!

Mass Transit

Follow Alec has he uncovers a mystrey that will start from his humble beginings and stretch out to the ends of the universe.

More info soon!


Use math to generate resources to create items to find your way off the planetoid!

More info soon!

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